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1. Fire and Evacuation Procedure: The Hirer is responsible to comply with all regulations to ensure the safety of users. WARNING:- Any false activation of fire alarms by "The Hirer" will incur a callout charge and could incur a cost of $1000.00 plus GST by The New Zealand Fire Services.  All users of Jubilee Stadium MUST ensure that both secuirty gates at main entrances are unlocked when entering the facility for fire egress purposes and locked when vacated.  Hirers may be liable for prosecution if these procedures are not met.

2. Playing Areas: Please respect the playing area. The floors are maintained to provide suitable surfaces for sport. Ensure that all equipment used will not damage these surfaces, this includes checking shoes for tar and/or stones and the non-use of silicone sprays etc inside the facilities. Any damage to the playing areas will be the responsibility of the hirer. If using skates, check that no sharp fastenings stick out from the wheels or stoppers as this may permanently damage the floor surface.  Only soft rubber soled sports shoes are to be worn on the floor for sport. Dirty gumboots or any dirty footware is not permitted in the facilities - they must be cleaned before entry.  Stilettos are not permitted in the facilities under any circumstances.

3. Court Markings: All markings must be approved by the Manager and no tape shall be used without approval.

4. Alcohol: Is permitted in the supper and meeting rooms. Alcohol may also be permitted in the stadium playing areas for social functions with the prior written approval of the Manager. No bottles or glasses are allowed in the changing rooms.  A liquor license is required for all sales of alcohol and must have the Centre's approval.

5. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in any of the Sports Centres complexes. 

6. Vehicles: Please park in the car parks provided, vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense if parked on the grassed areas and disabled car parks. Vehicles may only use the entrance path to the Jubilee Stadium for servicing as required.

7. Cleaning: The Hirer must ensure that all facilities are kept clean and tidy during and after use. This includes sweeping facilities used and removing all rubbish. Hirers generating large amounts of rubbish shall make their own arrangements for rubbish removal from the site. Failing to comply with these conditions the hirer will be charged a $100.00 per hour cleaning fee. Special cleaning arrangements can be made with the Manager at the cost of the hirer.

8. Damage: Any breakages or damage to the buildings, fittings and/or furnishings are to be paid for by the hirer. This includes any malicious activated fire alarms.  Any graffiti or tagging to the facilities will incur an automatic $100.00 per hour removal fee as well as the persons involved being trespassed from the Centre's facilities.  

9. Lights and Heaters: Please ensure that all lights and heaters are turned off when not required. Failure to do so will result in additional electricity costs that will be charged to the hirer.

10. Furniture and Equipment: Please do not move any facility furniture or equipment between stadiums without prior permission from the Manager. Permission is also required to install additional equipment.

11. Meeting Room: This room is available free of charge to member associations.

12. Catering: The Manager has been granted sole catering rights to the stadiums and this includes soft drinks, confectionery etc. Please contact the Manager for catering requirements. Other arrangements may be made with prior permission from the Manager, however an additional charge will apply.

13 Supper Room: This facility is available to member associations free of charge.

14 Bicycles: To be kept out of the Stadiums at all times. Bike racks available.

15 Outside Equipment: All Special Equipment (Cheery Pickers, Smoke Making Machines, Heaters Etc.) being brought into the Stadium for use, MUST first have the permission from the Complex Manager because of our high tech fire sensor equipment.

16 First Aid: All hirers of the Wanganui Community Sports Centre Inc facilities are responsible for their own first aid requirements.

17. CCTV Cameras:  CCTV cameras are in operation 24 hours a day in all of the Centre's facilities.  The cameras are for security purposes as well as monitoring bookings with the introduction of a web-based online booking system.  Footage is kept for 28 days and is only accessed by the Manager.

18. Fire Exit Doors: All fire exit doors are to be kept closed at all times except for the evacuation of fire or loading/unloading of equipment.

19. Security Gates:  Please ensure that security gates at bothe entrances are unclocked when using Jubilee main hall and locked at the completition of your booking.  Jubilee Extn users only required to unlock and secure the gates at the their entrance.


1. Sub-letting of facilities to any other user is not permitted. Any complaints or suggestions regarding hiring of facilities should be in writing and addressed to the Manager within 48 hours of hire.
2. All accounts must be paid prior to usage of venues except member sports and reputable organisations. Cancellation of any booking after 1 month (non members) 14 days (members) will result in a 20% cancellation fee which will be required to be paid as a non-refundable deposit to secure a booking.  Accounts not paid by the 20th of the month of booking will incur a 10% penalty per month of overdue payment. 

3. The Wanganui Community Sports Centre accepts no liability for loss or damage to persons or property through the utilisation of its facilities.


Alan Kenny


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