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The Whanganui Community Sports Centre Inc facilities consist of the Springvale and Jubilee Stadiums.
The main hall of the Springvale Stadium is 1260 square metres, an Extension with sliding doors joining the two facilities is 595 square metres. The combined complex has a fire rating capacity of 1500 people including 765 people in the tiered seating. There are 101 car parks available for the facility.
The Jubilee Stadium, approximately 50 metres distance from the Springvale Stadium has a floor area of 1464 square metres, an Extension onto the facility has an area of 454 square metres with no doors giving access into the main hall. The Cricket Indoor Training Facility is located on the mezzanine floor above the changing rooms inside Jubilee Stadium. The combined complex has a fire rating capacity of 1600 people including 515 people in tiered seating. There are 181 carparks available for the facility as well as 16 carparks on London Street.

Springvale Stadium
2 x Full Size Basketball Courts
2 x Full Size Netball Courts
3 x Volleyball Courts
8 x Badminton Courts
64 x Indoor Bowls Mats
Floor Space - 1260 square metres
Springvale Extension

1 x Full Size Basketball Court
1 x Volleyball Court
4 x badminton Courts
30 x Indoor Bowls Mats
Floor Space - 595 square metres


Jubilee Stadium

1 x International Inline Rink
1 x International Rollerhockey Rink
1 x Artistic Skating Rink
1 x Speed Skating Rink
4 x Volleyball Courts
86 x Indoor Bowls Mats

3 Lane Indoor Cricket Training Facility

1 x Rollerderby Track
Floor Space - 1464 square metres

Jubilee Extension

12 x Table Tennis Tables
20 x Indoor Bowls Mats
Floor Space - 454 square metres

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